Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's in a name?

What is the story behind how your name was chosen? I there anyone you were named after? What do you know about that person?
I'm not sure how my first name was chosen, but my middle name, Lee, was given to me because it is my dad's middle name. I always felt really special that I was named after my dad. He is an awesome christian and a loving father. He is a hardworker and would give anything he had to his wife or children if they needed it. He is one of the most kindhearted people I've ever met even though he is a bit rough around the edges. I know my dad did the very best he could in raising us and I'm proud to call him my father and my friend.

Perhaps you know the meaning of your name. Does the meaning match who you are? What meaning would you attribute to your name that would best match you?
My name Sarah means princess.....and for a long time I lived my life thinking that I was a little princess. I've always had a misconception that I would not work and that I would have a husband that made lots of money to take care of me and give me everything that I wanted. Wow, how my life turned out differently! I can't say that it's a bad thing either, because I'm sure I could have had all that if I wanted to be with someone I didn't truly love. I lived most of my life trying to be shallow and always wanting more than what I had, but I never was content with this lifestyle. I can honestly say that I'm content with what I have now, even though it is close to nothing. I'm working myself and plan on working as long as I need to. I'm realizing that I don't need a husband to make it in this world, although at some point it would be nice to have another chance at that. I guess I still consider myself a princess but a much humbler one.

What things in your life suggest that God has a specific idea about who He has created you to be?
God created me to love others. Although I make mistakes and can be selfish at times, I do try to go out of my way for others as well. He has made me an aunt nine times and he has allowed me live close to my nieces and nephews so that I can love them and grow close with them. He has given me friends that need me and that I need them to show me that I'm not alone in this world. He has taken people out of my life that hurt me and disappointed me but he has blessed me with a heart that is quick to forgive so that I don't hold many grudges.

What things in your life make you wonder if God has a specific idea about who He has created you to be?
I wonder sometimes about my low self esteem. I think I could do so much more if I only believed in myself or liked myself more, but then maybe God made me like this on purpose. Maybe if I loved myself too much, I wouldn't think that I needed him or maybe even wouldn't want him. As of now, I know I'm a terrible person on my own and I need God's grace to save me and his spirit to guide me through my days.

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